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Excell Rehab is owned and operated by Pablo Der Boghossian, President and Ana L. Mendez, CEO.

Both Pablo and Ana recieved their physical therapy degrees from Del Salvador University in Argentina, and their licensures/Masters in Kinesiology and Physiatrics, from Buenos Aires University.

Pablo has 24 years of clinical experience in orthopedics and sports therapy. He is a former member of the rehabilitation team for the Argentinan athletes at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics. As a former Soccer Pro, Pablo was involved in several soccer teams as part of their rehabilitation staff.

Ana has 24 years of experience in geriatric therapy, Sports therapy and orthopedics. She served as physical therapist for the Argentinan Archery Team at the 1993 Belgium First University World Championships.

Both Pablo and Ana are members of the American Physical Therapy Association.


Pablo and Ana.





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